Protecting the rights of women and girls: Samini joins CoPASH to take action


Most men are encouraged to be advocates to the commitment focused on ending Sexual and gender-based violence and harmful practices (SGBV/HPs) against women and girls as it heightens in our society today. Although, some men may not commit any physical or psychological harm to women and girls, the silence portrayed unconsciously by them as it happens is tantamount to the acceptance of it as a norm.

Renowned Dancehall and reggae artiste in Ghana, Samini is one of the few men who is passionate and ready to hold other men accountable to their actions. He refuses to be quiet in a society where women and girls are abused through various forms of SGBVs/HPs such as rape, defilement, wife battery, child marriage, female genital mutilation (FGM) among others. The traumatic effects and experiences of violence against women and girls can remain forever with the victims.

Samini, founder of the Obimbra foundation that aims to support victims of rape and domestic violence reiterated his support for the fight against SGBV/HPs.

He stated,” I believe women and children are the backbone of our society, and they need to be protected and empowered to realise their full potential. This is not to say that men are never victims of sexual and domestic abuse. However, the evidence that women and children are the most vulnerable to such instances is overwhelming, and we must do all that we can to ensure they are safe”. 

The Dancehall and reggae artiste says he will work through his Obimbra Foundation to support CoPASH in ensuring a Ghana where every woman and child can live free of fear and can reach their full potential”. Celebrities have united with the Second Lady H.E Samira Bawumia in the campaign against SGBV.

It is due for every society to maximize joint action to end SGBV in Ghana and globally through strong partnerships.


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