Exclusive Photos: Edem embarks on media tour in USA | Visits Voice of America, RM Show

Ghanaian rap icon Edem is currently in the United States of America and has as part of breaking boundaries and tearing territories with his unique music and rap skills visited one of America’s most prestigious media platforms, Voice of America.

The musician was met on arrival by American singer/songwriter, jazz vocalist, and international music host/producer of African music on the Voice of America, Maxwell Heather.

The two had discussions on Edem’s growth as a musician and how he has been able to use his language to attain all the successes as a musician. They also talked about awards and upcoming projects.

Edem later joined the RM Show where he talked about his music and ongoing project with the Canadian High Commission on early child marriage, child labour, Girl Child education and more.

The RM Show is transmitted in English but broadcast to over 10 million people globally in French.

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